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Digital, PSN compliance, business agility, leadership – the conference

November 24, 2013


All under one roof, discussions, presentations and round tables that cover many of the ICT leadership themes of the moment – The Socitm conference is soon to be with us on 9th and 10th of December.

Its shaping up to be a particularly valuable conference this year.

Some key people:

Mike Bracken.

Recently voted to be Digital Leader #1, Mike Bracken  (Executive Director of the Government Digital Service) will shine a spotlight on “digital by default”.

Catherine Howe.

The influential strategist Catherine Howe, will enthuse about the networked power digital can create to deliver solutions with, not just for, the citizen.

John Seddon

Outspoken critic of call centres and big IT projects, John Seddon will offer us all an opportunity to consider the wisdom of our endeavours.

Jon Williams

PSN (Public Services Network) Programme Director, Cabinet Office, Jon Williams will join the panel debate on PSN

Some key themes

PSN (Public Service Network)

Many are concerned that the security compliance issues of the PSN risk overwhelming the benefits. Hear the arguments and join the debate. Presentations, a round table and a panel debate with Cabinet Office and Local Government officers are scheduled.


As austerity bites harder, the Socitm members are seeking and finding new ways to be “better with less”.


Socitm is a membership organisation for leaders involved with IT in local public services. The Socitm conference will consider, stretch and challenge leadership views and perspectives.

I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the link:


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