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GOV.UK local digital dashboard – Phase 2 gets going

June 11, 2014

The GOV.UK local performance platform phase 2 kick off took place on the 9th June at the GDS offices in Holborn. There was a lively discussion, with great contributions from all participants. We had set ourselves an objective of identifying three new digital transactions to present on the Performance Platform and this is exactly what we achieved.

The hardest part was reducing the selection to three transactions – the long term vision is for very many transactions, but we’ll get there in manageable steps.

The next three digital transactions for the performance Platform are:

1) Renew a Library Book

This will be led by Warwickshire County Council and Kate Sahota. Once developed, the other phase 2 authorities with Libraries will also provide data.

This one has a vast number of digital transactions across local government with a growing digital engagement. It will be great to evidence this with some real time facts and figures.

2) Pay Council Tax

This will be developed by East Riding of Yorkshire and Amanda Wilde. And we’ll all provide more data when its ready.

Paying Council Tax is interesting as digital payments are received through many channels, including direct debits, web payments and other transactions, so there is much to think about in the design and data collection for this one!

3) Renew a transport Concession

Cambridgeshire County Council and John Platten will lead on this. This is about the allocation of bus passes and related travel concessions for students and the elderly. Some authorities do this directly and others do this via Passenger Transport Executive (PTE). Some PTE’s cover more than one authority, so lots to think about with this one too.

We also will be extending the missed bins dashboard:

4) Missed bins data from all Phase 2 authorities who have this service.

The authorities represented in Phase 2 are:

· Nottingham City Council
· Nottinghamshire County Council
· Kirklees Council
· Warwickshire County Council
· East Riding of Yorkshire Council
· Surrey County Council
· Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Other authorities had expressed a desire to be there and there will be plenty of further opportunities in the near future.

Other Debates

Two other main debates were aired at the kick off. One is around whether we should limit ourselves to transactions or include performance information about non-transactional digital services as well. For instance, as well as applying for a school (which is a transcation), citizens will use digital channels to find out more about schools and the entry process as well. Most thought that information provisioning was an important component of digital delivery, but its hard to evidence that a user has found the information they needed. We’ll come back to that in a later stage.

The second debate is around whether we should limit ourselves to performance data associated with digital channel use, or also extend to include service performance data as well. There are good arguments on both sides of this one, and we’ll be consulting more widely with service managers and users to help develop the strategy.

Next Sprints

We now go into an agile sprint to develop the dashboards and data selection for these transactions.

There is a DCLG Hot Topic event on 16th July, as part of the Local Digital Campaign, at which we will discuss progress with these four transactions, and set out the vision for further deployment of GDS assets in Local. This will be amongst the opportunities to continue the debates and shape the designs with input from attendees.

  1. Gateshead Council would be really keen to get involved with the GOV.UK dashboard project. An area of particular interest would be monitoring bulky waste requests.

  2. Gateshead Council would be keen to join the GOV.UK local digital dashboard project. One particular area of interest would be a dashboard for bulky waste collections.

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